Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger is a flowering plant, and ginger root is used as a spice either in raw form or in ground form. From ginger, you can make ginger tea. Ginger tea has health benefits that can help with specific ailments. Drinking ginger tea is a soothing way to get all the benefits that ginger has to offer.

·        Upset Stomach

Ginger tea has the calming benefits to soothe an ailing stomach. It can help to stop the feeling of nausea or motion sickness.

·        Anti-inflammatory Food

Ginger is known to be an anti-inflammatory food. It has the compound “gingerol,” which is useful in supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. Its properties can also be helpful with muscle pain. So when you are experiencing sore muscles after exercising, a cup of brewed ginger tea can help you get relief. It can also aid women who experience menstrual discomfort.

·        Digestion

If you suffer from digestion problems like indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, or bloating, ginger tea can give you relief. Ginger is an ingredient that stimulates intestinal muscles. It’ll help to break down food particles and move them along the digestive tract. Before you know it, you’ll feel more at ease, and your stomach will no longer be in distress.

·        Immune System Support

Ginger tea helps to keep your immune system healthy. Ginger has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Three compounds in ginger roo shogaol, gingerols, and paradols can support your body in its fight against free radicals and inflammation.

·        Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

A daily dose of ginger tea will help you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It will keep you feeling more energetic, help manage cravings, help with weight balance, and help you sleep better. Drinking ginger tea each day has proven to have the benefits that support a healthy level of blood sugar.

·        Brain Health

Ginger extract has been proven to support cognitive function and help enhance working memory. A daily dose of ginger tea will help your brain function better.

You can enjoy ginger tea plain, or you can add additional ingredients to make it even better. To keep away colds during the cold season simmer some fresh ginger root and turmeric in a pot of boiling water. Then strain it into a mug and add pepper. You can add honey and lemon to the tea as per taste. It will chase away your sniffles.

For a soothing and tasty drink, brew your ginger tea with some slices of apples and a cinnamon stick.

Among the best sweeteners for your ginger tea are maple syrup or honey.

If you love spicy stuff, then sprinkle some cayenne pepper into your tea. It is a real pick-me-up and a slow day.

If you like the taste of mint, add some mint leaves to your ginger tea while brewing.

Another way to brew ginger tea is by saving up and using the dried ginger peels. When you use ginger root, peel it thinly and keep the skins. Then add the peels to water or place them in a tea ball. Once the water boils, let the peels steep for a while. Then strain into a cup and enjoy.

Ginger tea offers many different health benefits, and you can enjoy it in many different ways. However, women who are pregnant should not take ginger in high doses as it could increase the risk of miscarriage. You can safely drink ginger tea not exceeding 4 grams of ginger per day since it is a blood thinner and can affect those who have a blood disorder.


  1. I did not know that ginger was also good for brain health, however, I knew ginger is good for progressive degenerative disorders like diabetes.

  2. I like ginger tea when I have a cough or cold. I like to sweeten my ginger tea with honey. Honey ginger tea can cure a cough and cold quickly.

  3. Ginger is also not good for people suffering from urinary track infection Therefore, if you have urine related problems, you will have to avoid ginger tea.

  4. Ginger tea. Oh my! I can’t believe that for my childhood and practically my entire adult life, I never knew the benefits of ginger tea. But recently I found a recipe on the Internet and used it when I became ill. It was so soothing, comforting and healing.

  5. I think now that there are a lot of natural things that can help with health problems apart from drugs. Ginger is truly a blessing and can be effective when use for ailments.

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