Five Ways to Use Ginger in Cooking

An excellent way to get the full health benefits of ginger is to include grated ginger in homemade fruit and vegetable juices. Fruits and vegetables that go together well with ginger include apples, carrots, oranges, and grapefruit. Just blend them with grated ginger for a tangy and delicious drink. If you’re making fruit smoothies, don’t forget to include grated ginger that always peps up the flavor. If you like to make, homemade applesauce add grated ginger. It always spices up the applesauce and adds excellent flavor. One vegetable juice that tastes great when you add grated ginger is tomato juice.

Any kind of salad dressing is always better with grated ginger added to it. When you are making a salad, grated ginger always makes a great addition, as it enhances the flavor. Any salads benefit from grated garlic, particularly egg, potato, and beet salads that need a boost in flavor. Never have a bland salad again include grated ginger, to bring out the full flavor.

Asian stir-fries always taste better when you add grated ginger.  It goes well with all kinds of vegetables and rice. Grated ginger even zings up the flavor of chicken or beef if you include meat in your stir-fry. Remember to carefully sauté when you add minced ginger and mix it in thoroughly. Make sure never to overcook. You can use grated ginger to pep up the flavor of the filling in Asian Lettuce Wraps. Stir-fries usually include some soy sauce and this sauce is always better when ginger is added to it.

Pureed soups always benefit from grated ginger that makes them spicier and tastier. Add ginger to soups with carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, lentils, and parsnips. You can add the grated ginger right into the soups, or once the soup is ready and you are pureeing it, then you can add the ginger.

Grated ginger can be added to any grilled fish, especially salmon. You can also use it for marinating chicken overnight. Just combine grated ginger, minced garlic, pepper, and salt, and some yogurt and the next day your chicken is ready for the grill, Grated garlic can also be used to glaze pork and ribs or duck. Mix minced or pickled garlic with plum preserves and a splash of vinegar, and your ribs or roast will have a tasty glaze.

For delicious treats, you can bake up a batch of gingersnap cookies or bake up some gingerbread cake. 


  1. I love ginger tea and ginger soup. I add a lot of ginger in soups and broths for flavor and health benefits. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. My Japanese friend is the one who told me to start using ginger in my cooking for Asian dishes. I told her I liked Asian food but when I made it there was something “missing”. She said it was the ginger. She was right!

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