5 Ways to Use Turmeric in Cooking

Turmeric is a yellow spice that offers many health benefits. A great way to get a dose of turmeric is to include it in your cooling. One way is to sprinkle it on your eggs, whether they are boiled, scrambled, or made into omelets. It will add not only color but also flavor. For deviled eggs, add turmeric to mashed egg yolks and mix with mayonnaise before stuffing the egg halves. Turmeric especially brings out the flavor of deviled eggs when you include spiced ham.

Turmeric always brings out the flavor in salads. It is excellent with chopped veggies. It stands out when paired with freshly grated pepper. You can sprinkle it right into your salads or include it in the salad dressing before pouring it on the salad. Turmeric is particularly good when used with creamy salad dressings. Potato salads seem to sing when you include turmeric. It is a way to bring out the flavor in other ingredients and to add a golden color.

You can enhance the flavor of any soup with turmeric. You can sprinkle it right into your soups, or you can boil up some turmeric water and include that right into bowls before spooning up the soup. Pureed and creamy kinds of soups do well with turmeric that not only enhances their flavor but also puts in some color.

Turmeric will provide you with health benefits when added to rice. Plain boiled rice looks particularly tasty and appealing when cooked with turmeric powder added. The rice becomes golden in color and is very tasty. When cooking rice like this, you can add beans or chopped tomatoes to it once the rice is done and quickly sauté it up in a pan with olive oil. You can also add other ingredients to the rice like mushrooms and additional spices that will make this golden rice seem like a meal, not a side dish,

Other foods that stand out when you add turmeric include shellfish. The flavor of seafood is enhanced when you add both turmeric and garlic.  Turmeric can be rubbed in with other spices before roasting chicken, bringing out the full flavor.

So to always get the full health benefits of turmeric, include it in the many different foods you prepare in your kitchen. Everything will be fragrant and delicious and have a golden color from this spice. If you can get raw whole root turmeric, you can use it in grated form just like ginger and garlic.


  1. I am looking for turmeric pickle recipe. Can you share this recipe.I hear that turmeric pickle not only has great taste but also very healthy.

  2. Now that I’ve learned all about this spice I try to use it in almost everything I cook. Rice, soups, stews, etc. I was told that one should always add a little black pepper because it makes the turmeric absorb quicker into your system. That way you can really get the health benefits.

  3. Good one from you. Truthfully I never really liked tumeric in my dishes but with this post I think I’m changing that. Thanks for sharing this.

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