5 Ways to Use Garlic in Cooking

A great way to include garlic in your cooking is to chop or mince it into small pieces and mix with soft butter to spread on toasted bread. You can finely chop or mince the garlic and combine with the butter to spread on a long loaf of bread. Then wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place it into the oven on low for about 15 minutes, and you’ll have hot and delicious garlic bread.

Another way to include garlic in your diet is to crush or mince or grate garlic cloves and add them to any soup or stew you are making. Garlic is very versatile, and you can put as much or as little as you like. Garlic always enhances the flavor of soups and stews. If a recipe requires an onion, you can be sure you can add garlic to it. It is excellent in plain soups, creamy soups, and pureed soups. Beef stews always get a kick from garlic cloves.

Garlic can be added to any sauce or used in a sauce that calls for garlic. So when you are making tomato sauce, always include plenty of minced garlic, which enhances the flavor. It is excellent in brown gravies, especially with mushrooms. Food processor blended pesto sauce requires a lot of crushed garlic, pine nuts, basil leaves, and parmesan cheese blended with olive oil for a great flavor. You can mince or crush garlic and sauté it in olive oil with additional flavorings and mix through spaghetti.

Many Oriental or Asian recipes require garlic. You can make fried rice or risotto with plenty of garlic to give it a full and bold flavor. Any Oriental recipe that requires onions can also have garlic added to it.

Finally, a great way to get plenty of tasty garlic is to roast it in the oven. Take a bulb of garlic and place it on a cookie sheet. Put it in the oven at 300 to 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, and you’ll see the cloves have opened up and are soft. Scoop out the garlic to put on crackers, add to different kinds of appetizers, or to spread on garlic bread.

Grated garlic always gives a tasty kick to salads. So when you’re making a salad, add some garlic to it. You can grate garlic into salad dressings and pour it over the salad in the bowl and mix well.


  1. Interesting ways to use garlic in cooking. I love using a lot of garlic in meat and vegetables. Garlic not only ads flavor but also good for our health.

  2. It’s funny because when I was growing up my mother used either garlic salt or garlic powder. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I started using garlic cloves. The smell and the flavor is completely different.

  3. Right from time I like to crush or mince my garlic before adding it to my dishes as you have stated. I think I will continue that way because I prefer it like that

  4. I like the raw taste of garlic. I like to add grated garlic when the dish is almost done giving only 2-3 minutes for the garlic to cook.

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